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2021~2022 New! Glasses / sunglasses that decorate facial expressions I Metronome

2021~2022 New! Glasses / sunglasses that decorate facial expressions I Metronome



Hello, this is METRONOME-Tokyo Online OKD, the official online shopping site of METRONOME DESIGN INC., Which sells "METRONOME®", an eyewear brand that started in London.

There is only one month left in 2021. Have you decided on your plans for the year-end and New Year holidays? Around this time, the temperature is getting colder toward winter, when you can feel the atmosphere of going out.

Did you know that you actually need sunglasses in winter? It's hard to tell at first glance in winter, but the amount of ultraviolet rays is actually high. Rather, I hear that the transmittance of ultraviolet rays is higher than in winter.



Atsugi's winter is the main coat, so it's difficult to dress up? Even in such a case, how about using sunglasses to create a slightly different self?

Sunglasses as a so-called decorating item ^ ^

I want to add individuality to my face and facial expression! Even in such a case, metronome sunglasses are recommended. After all, the metronome is a brand that has been evaluated for its design as a total fashion and its story as an individual, which is unique to a designer who has lived with clothing, although it seems to be a strange but calculated design. Not only does it create a fashionable look on its own, but it is even more effective when combined with clothes.

([Collaboration product] Infected [Resonance by METRONOME® x KUDAN])

By the way, 2021 was full of announcements and news of two new brands and two collaboration sunglasses. This time, we will introduce the latest collaboration items!

It is "[Collaboration product] Infected [Resonance by METRONOME® x KUDAN]" which is also posted on the TOP page!


(C1: Black: Clip Lenses: Gray)

・ ・ ・

Resonance by METRONOME® x KUDAN “Infected”

A new brand KUDAN that suddenly appeared on SNS in 2017 and was wrapped in a mystery that was ignited by a new generation of influencers with its unique graphic sense.

As a new project, we have nominated the eyewear brand Resonance by METRONOME®, which was derived from METRONOME from London and started in 2021, as a collaboration partner. Both designers have created a product from scratch, and completed sunglasses that are packed with each other's original sense.

This work, which is a fusion of the one and only two who freely cross over existing culture and style, has an overwhelming presence insisted on the solid thickness and square & big silhouette that KUDAN is particular about.

And the KUDAN graphics and messages scattered everywhere make the originality stand out, as if the sunglasses themselves were likened to canvas.

Furthermore, by installing a clip lens attachment / detachment gimmick, which is the specialty of Resonance by METRONOME®, a perfect finish that brings functionality and a three-dimensional volume feeling that can be worn in 2WAY, sunglasses / clear lenses.

The model name set by KUDAN is "Infected" with resentment and antithesis against this oppressed situation. The collaboration between the two, which has a strong impact and emits toxins, will be the source of infection on the street this winter.

The standard common colors, black and demi, emphasize the volume and give a luxurious finish. And all four colors are available, including a clear body limited to each brand that expresses each identity.

・ ・ ・

At the overseas eyeglasses / sunglasses exhibition held in September 2021, clear acetate frames and clip lenses are attracting a lot of attention, and Resonance is holding the trend toward 2022. Collaboration between Resonance and the new brand KUDAN.

(C4: Mat Clear (Resonance Color): Clip Lenses: Blue)

By the way, when you remove the clip (sunglasses lens), it looks like this.

([Collaboration product] Infected [Resonance by METRONOME® x KUDAN])

Each color is a limited edition product only for the first production. First collaboration ATTITUDE is also partly sold out at C1 and C2. I noticed it was sold out! Before that happens! Please use Infected for the winter outfits from 2021 to 2022 ^^ (There are also clear styles that are popular now)

A case is also included with this product, but a separate storage case is required for storage at home! We recommend using the original full set and book tray case ^^


(Dictionary Book Tray [METRONOME])

Click here for accessories and original cases

We also carry glass chains for eyeglasses and sunglasses that go well with metronome sunglasses, so please have a look.

and! Reservations are being accepted at the time of writing this blog (November 24, 2021)! The metronome's first original lucky bag also comes with a set that includes a case and chain! The limited quantity is first come, first served, so be sure to check it out! Please have a look.

Click here for a list of metronome lucky bags


Metronome sunglasses for winter outfits_SummerRain [METRONOME 2021]

Metronome sunglasses for winter outfits_SummerRain [METRONOME 2021]

『HALO』flip-up lens frame recommended for 2023-2024

『HALO』flip-up lens frame recommended for 2023-2024

Buy sunglasses at online shop. What's gonna happen? I Metronome-Eyewear

Buy sunglasses at online shop. What's gonna happen? I Metronome-Eyewear