~ Why we created a direct site ~

That was when a designer IWAMOTO visited an agency in Okinawa.

I heard from the owner from a remote island that there is still a state in Japan of "a shop that you can't go even if you want to go".

There are still areas in Japan where it is difficult to do optometry  (to measure the power of the lens).

And a pandemic in 2020.

Originally, it has grown tremendously overseas since its launch in London, but its design has never been accepted by Japanese retailers who prefer conservatives.

After that, there are so many inquiries on Instagram, but still we had been tough situation.

In the past, it was commonplace to buy eyeglasses at a retail store. To do so, it must first be purchased by the buyer. However, due to its radical design, it has begun to be introduced in shops with a sharp sense, but it is still in tough situation.

However, I found that there were many people who said, "I can't go even if I want to go" and "I can't buy even if I want to buy", and on the way back from Okinawa, Iwamoto said, "You can buy it online." ..

Originally, mail order was taboo for eyeglasses and sunglasses because of optometry and fitting.

However, "the situation where there are people who want it but cannot buy it" is what drives us.

Fortunately, the number of distributors for all brands has increased compared to the past due to Iwamoto's exposure in Japan and overseas achievements, but there are still many areas that cannot be reached.

In addition, designers and planning teams who plan many overseas brands will also sell overseas niche, yet unknown brands.

To that end, we will continue to cooperate with distributors in various ways to operate a mail-order site and strive to reach people all over Japan with our sunglasses and eyeglasses.

Please use PHASE-Design Inc Online. 


Announced in London in 2017. After that, in a blink of an eye, we received agency requests from buyers all over the world and spread all over the world.
He publishes his collections in Paris, Milan, New York and London every year.
From 2018, participated in the Paris collection, albeit unofficially. The only sunglass brand from Japan that participated in the Paris collection.
At first glance, the calculated design but this is the brand that has been evaluated for its design as a total fashion and for its story, which is unique to the designer Iwamoto who has lived with clothing.

Resonance by METRONOME®︎ 

In 2021, it will be the second line of METRONOME®︎ that incorporates the opinions of the Japanese side, such as "good but expensive", "I want you to make it cheaper with this design", and "something that is a little easier to put on".
The theme is "resonance" as the brand name suggests. We have realized a design that makes the taste of METRONOME a little "easy to resonate" and an affordable price so that it can be easily resonated by anyone.

Trad by Bisei Iwamoto

 It is the one and only ultimate classic design in which the designer's name appears in the brand name, sublimating the meaning of "mode (avant-garde)" that the designer is good at and "Classic (traditional)".
All the useless things for the eyeglass frame(patterns and so on) that the designer felt, was removed, and the image of "ultimately reaching a plain T-shirt, silhouette and functionality" was pursued as an eyeglass / sunglasses frame. It is a brand. Launched at MIDO in 2021.
It is mainly made of one mountain silhouette (without nose pad) so that it can be easily sold overseas, but everything is done, such as applying anti-slip to the place where it hits invisible, or quickly changing to sunglasses with a single clip. this is the product that will be incorporated into the future "Traditional".

 Monkey Flip

"MonkeyFlip" which was a select shop
The desire to "deliver" cool "" gradually sublimates into the desire to "create" cool "by ourselves." I started making original frames in 1998.
The original frame, which was released with the aim of creating eyeglasses that can be the iconic presence of the wearer because they are the eyeglasses that come to the center of the face, is an advertisement published in a local fashion magazine with an original design and eccentricity that cannot be seen anywhere else.
It will attract the attention of young people in the area by word of mouth and will record explosive hits with each release.