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Metronome sunglasses for winter outfits_SummerRain [METRONOME 2021]

Metronome sunglasses for winter outfits_SummerRain [METRONOME 2021]



Hello, this is OKD from METRONOME-Tokyo Online, the official online shopping site of METRONOME DESIGN INC., Which sells "METRONOME®", an eyewear brand that started in London.

Excuse me for the long self-introduction every time. We look forward to working with you both for the first time and for those who are accustomed to it.

OKD: In charge of EC site management. Nowadays, the collection of sunglasses is increasing more and more. Favorite items: SummerRain_C2, Attitude_C1

Attitude is sold out depending on the frame. This is a sold-out product only for the first production. If you have a color lens that interests you, do it as soon as possible!


(ATTITUDE_C1 : Black)


Personally, I often use flip-up items (called Flip Up) these days. There are various stories about functionality, but above all, I think that the feature itself of jumping up is cool, so I use it habitually.



 By the way, the introduction has become long, but this time I would like to introduce sunglasses recommended for winter. As I have often mentioned in other blogs, winter is the time to need sunglasses to protect your eyes!

As has been known for a long time, it is essential to take measures against UV rays even on seemingly cloudy days such as winter when the amount of UV rays is very high and sunburn in the snowy mountains.

However, I understand that it is a good function, but if I use it everyday, I would like to use a fashionable one. That's why I'm going to write a blog about how about Summer Rain in the winter of 2021 to 2022.



First of all, I'm sorry for personal belongings. Beautiful photos are good, but I want you to feel more realistic. Summer Rain is also popular at overseas exhibitions. I think that the luxury of the design at a glance is good.

It is also interesting that each lens can be flipped up, unlike general flip-up products. Aside from practicality, you can flip one up and close the other.



When you go out in heavy clothes in the cold winter, this Summer Rain alone will make you feel good in the group! As it is sunglasses, UV protection is perfect.


(We will deliver it with an original case)

The figure below is a photo of the model wearing it (not me 🙇‍♂️)


Here is the detail of Summer Rain[METRONOME 2021]

Well then!

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