It is the one and only ultimate classic design in which the designer's name appears in the brand name, sublimating the meaning of "mode (avant-garde)" that the designer is good at and "Classic (traditional)".
All the useless things for the eyeglass frame(patterns and so on) that the designer felt, was removed, and the image of "ultimately reaching a plain T-shirt, silhouette and functionality" was pursued as an eyeglass / sunglasses frame. It is a brand. Launched at MIDO in 2021.
It is mainly made of one mountain silhouette (without nose pad) so that it can be easily sold overseas, but everything is done, such as applying anti-slip to the place where it hits invisible, or quickly changing to sunglasses with a single clip. this is the product that will be incorporated into the future "Traditional".
The design of cases, types of accessories, etc. may vary depending on the season. If you would like to check before purchasing, please contact us via chat etc.