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Made in JAPAN quality, Trad

Made in JAPAN quality, Trad

Hello, this is OKD.

This is a staff blog written by the staff of METRONOME-Tokyo Online. I look forward to working with you again this time.

Well, first of all, thank you for always using Trad.  The series is completely familiar on Instagram. Are you already using it?

This series is very popular on the mail order, but it was also the focus of attention at overseas exhibitions where the latest trends in 2021 and trends for 2022 are gathered. Perhaps because of their trust in Made in Japan, overseas buyers also picked it up, scrutinized it, and placed an order.

In the first place, we at Metronome Design opened an online store because we found that there are many people who "can't go even if they want to go" and "can't buy even if they want to buy". Therefore, the designer manually did it, and today's mail-order site has been completed, although there are various things so far.

Originally, mail order was taboo for eyeglasses and sunglasses because of optometry and fitting. However, "the situation where there are people who want it but cannot buy it" is what drives us.

Although it has taken off as a mail-order site for eyeglasses / sunglasses, I am keenly aware that there is still a lot of product information (texture, comfort, etc.) that has not yet been fully communicated to customers.

There are a lot of challenges, but I will devote myself day by day!

Now, let's get back to Trad. The Trad series glasses / sunglasses are unified using a material called β titanium. From the name of titanium, it seems to be hard. In fact, it's strong enough, and it's also characterized by its overall lightness. The advantage is that you don't have to worry about being heavy and hurt your ears or getting tired while wearing glasses.

In the first place, what is Trad?


2021,2022,Metronome, METRONOME, SUMMER_RAIN, summer rain, sunglasses, glasses, eyewear
It is the one and only ultimate classic design in which the designer's name appears in the brand name, sublimating the meaning of "mode (avant-garde)" that the designer is good at and "Classic (traditional)".
With the eyeglass frame, all the useless things (patterns and patterns) that the designer felt were removed, and the image of "ultimately reaching a plain T-shirt, silhouette and functionality" was pursued as an eyeglass / sunglasses frame. It is a brand. Launched at MIDO in 2021.

It is mainly made of one mountain (without nose pad) so that it can be easily sold overseas, but it is done in all things, such as applying anti-slip to the place where it hits invisible, or quickly changing to sunglasses with a single clip. Is a product that will be incorporated into the future "Traditional".
2021,2022,Metronome, METRONOME, SUMMER_RAIN, summer rain, sunglasses, glasses, eyewear


The staff's favorite is Gentian. Like Lily and Lotus, the flip-up lens is really cool, isn't it? Even if you are wearing a mask, if you use the flip-up of the lens well, it will not fog easily if you use the flip-up.

"Flip-up" and "clip lens" that are likely to become a trend in 2021 and 2022. It is designed to be easy to use both outdoors and indoors in a way that is different from the "light control lens" that has been the mainstream until now.

Of course, the first attention overseas. As soon as a buyer came to see Trade's clip lens sunglasses, he said, "I want to buy it here and take it home." (* Since the SILMO exhibition is a trade fair, we did not sell it in kind at the site.)

2021,2022,Metronome, METRONOME, SUMMER_RAIN, summer rain, sunglasses, glasses, eyewear


And you can choose the shape of the temple (the part that touches your ears) for the frame (Lily, Gentian, Lotus in Trad) that supports clip lenses. Specifically, there are two types: straight and hand-wound rope.

Straight ↓

2021,2022,Metronome, METRONOME, SUMMER_RAIN, summer rain, sunglasses, glasses, eyewear
hand winding ↓
2021,2022,Metronome, METRONOME, SUMMER_RAIN, summer rain, sunglasses, glasses, eyewear


Straight is recommended for those who are worried about getting caught in hair, as it reduces the risk of getting caught in hair.

On the other hand, it is a hand-wound rope, but since it is firmly attached to the ear, there is little worry that it will shift even during movement or in a small outdoor scene.

As an aside, there is a similar design, "Summer Rain" from the METRONOME 2021 collection. This is also a product that was flooded with inquiries at the site of SILMO 2021 asking "I like it" and "Can I buy it and go home?" (Click here for details)


Metronome, METRONOME, SUMMER_RAIN, summer rain, sunglasses, glasses, eyewear

Again, the material is β-titanium, so it has the best profound and luxurious feel in our shop. In addition to the cool appearance, the high functionality of the PC lens is also noteworthy. It's also kind to people with metal allergies, so it's a must-try item.

I'm really happy with the blue light cut specifications. Eye protection is very important for modern people who cannot part with their computers and smartphones. The Trad series is unified in the series and has a blue light cut specification, so it is ideal for everyday use. While using it indoors as eyeglasses, it is also very convenient to use a clip lens outdoors to make sunglasses.

In addition to Trade, we also have fashionable glasses / sunglasses equipped with blue light cut lenses! Please check here.

The staff was very pleased when I gave it to a friend. It's also a good gift ^^ Click here for product details

Well then!

Click here for the metronome Instagram ↓

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