Resonance is a rich design lineup that you can choose according to your coordination.

Resonance is a rich design lineup that you can choose according to your coordination.

Hello, this is Yamada. Thank you for using it all the time.

Recently, the limited edition "ATTITUDE" sunglasses are my personal favorite. It's really cool because it's a collaboration with a long-established brand. (There is also a blue light cut lens type)

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<DEVILOCK®︎ × Resonance by METRONOME® What is “ATTITUDE”? >
Looking back, "ATTITUDE" is the first collaboration item between the legendary brands DEVILOCK and Resonance, which are celebrating their 25th anniversary, and brands that have a high affinity with music.

<What is Resonance by METRONOME®︎? >


In 2021, it will be the second line of METRONOME®︎ that incorporates the opinions of the Japanese side, such as "good but expensive", "I want you to make it cheaper with this design", and "something that is a little easier to put on".

The theme is "resonance" as the brand name suggests. We have realized a design that makes the taste of METRONOME a little "easy to resonate" and an affordable price so that it can be easily resonated by anyone.




It is not a common collaboration that just modifies the existing model, but as the model name "ATTITUDE" indicates, it is a completely original model that embodies the creation of both designers from scratch.

Based on the universal style sunglasses called Crown Punt, Resonance's specialty is the lens flip-up gimmick, giving it a unique and classic look.

In addition, it is an excellent product that has added the hassle of wearing a mask, which is now a necessity in our daily lives, and the practicality of preventing fogging of the lens.

Even recently, the best-selling product is "ATTITUDE". The flip-up as shown in the photo is eye-catching.

The material "acetate" used by many brands at overseas SILMO exhibitions is extremely cost effective and it is easy to pursue design. Even at the SILMO venue, the Resonance series caught the eye of many buyers at the metronome booth.

Trad also used β-titanium and was evaluated as being made in Japan, but Resonance was overwhelmingly evaluated for its design and overall cost performance.

It is also used in "ATTITUDE", but it succeeded in reducing the cost of each one while realizing four frame colors. As a result, we are offering it to our users at a reasonable price.




I got two C4 blue light cut lenses and sunglasses. Daily PC work also feels good and goes smoothly.




It is one of the Resonance series, but this time it is limited to limited production. If you like, you can collect each color! I hope you can use each color fashionably according to the situation and coordination.

We do not plan to reproduce it after the planned quantity is sold out, so please get it while it is in stock ^ ^

As I said earlier, the Resonance series is consistent throughout the collection because of the wide variety of frames and lenses and the good cost performance. This is also a global trend and I could clearly feel it at SILMO PARIS 2021.

I think this trend will continue from 2021 to 2022.



Resonance is priced at less than 20,000 yen while giving consideration to materials and design, so it may be a good investment for the first fashionable sunglasses. By the way, acetate is quite strong, so it will last a long time.

As an aside, if you think about it carefully, it seems that there aren't many glasses with such an elaborate design and a blue light cut lens. Blue light cut lenses / sunglasses and each frame are available, so please get both ^^ (standard common color, black and demi. All with limited original colors expressing the identity of each brand Available in 4 colors.)




In the Resonance series, MINX and BLAST also have transparent frames and popular Demi colors. Please choose it while considering the balance with the user's personal color.


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The strongest combination for outdoor activities "light control lens"

(April 2024) Our brands “METRONOME”, “Resonance”, etc. were exhibited at the eyewear exhibition “SLIT”

(April 2024) Our brands “METRONOME”, “Resonance”, etc. were exhibited at the eyewear exhibition “SLIT”

Made in JAPAN quality, Trad

Made in JAPAN quality, Trad