Yew(Flip up lens)


Yew - Trad - TR2204

This product is made of plastic (acetate) wrapped in beta titanium that resembles a blow-type silhouette. Although it is a rim wrap, it is a rim wrap and blow type with a design that is structurally unique to this brand and is not normally possible.

This product uses a flip-up mechanism.

The nose pads are made of titanium, so this product is recommended for people with allergies.

Material: Acetate, titanium, beta titanium (nickel-free)

Country of origin: Japan (China only for plating)

*This product comes with a case and cleaning cloth.


C1 : Black x Silver
C2 : Brown Demi x Gold
C3 : Yellow Brown Demi x Silver

C4 : Khaki Brown x Gold

Lens:Blue light cut lens

Size : 46□20-150(mm)
1: Lens width 46
2: Bridge width 20
3: Temple length 150
4: Lens height 36
5: Frame width (excluding temple part) 112
6: Overall width 130
7: Overall vertical width 42

Weight: 22g