Teasel - high square


Teasel - high square [Trad - TR2205 - 3]

This product is rimless (2 point) glasses that imitate an ultra-slim square silhouette. Due to the structure of the product, it is recommended not only for business situations, but also as paper glasses containing presbyopia lenses.

The nose pads are made of titanium, so this product is recommended for people with allergies.

Material: Titanium, beta titanium (nickel-free)

Country of origin: Japan (China only for plating)

*This product comes with a case and glasses wipe.


C1 : Shiny Black
C2 : Shiny Gold
C3 : Shiny Silver

C4 : Pearl Pink

Lens:Blue light cut lens

Size :47□18-150(mm)
1: Lens width 47
2: Bridge width 18
3: Temple length 150
4: Lens height 18
5: Frame width (excluding temple part) 118
6: Overall width 132
7: Overall vertical width 18

Weight: 12g