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甚ノ五拾 JN050[ Jinroku ](Flip up lens)


甚ノ五拾 JN050[ Jinroku ](Flip up lens)

This is a brand created by Masayuki Hasegawa, an eyeglass craftsman from Sabae, who inherited the name of his father, Jinroku.

By leveraging the free ideas of our designers and collaborating with Japan's top eyeglass craftsmen, we abandon preconceived notions and continue to strive to create a new common sense.

Including celluloid glasses that are difficult to handle unless you are a skilled technician, these glasses are made with great attention to detail by top craftsmen. Although it takes time to create, it is a high-quality piece that shines with luster, texture, and solidity.HAND MADE in JAPAN.

Brand 越前國甚六作(Jinroku)

Nose pad With nose pad

Country of manufacture: Japan

rim full rim

Material Celluloid/Alloy

Temple material celluloid


1: Lens width: 53
2: Bridge width: 18
3: Temple length: 145
4: Lens height: 35.1
5: Frame width: 120 (width excluding temples)
6: Overall width: 150
7: Overall vertical width: 40

Weight: 36g

C3: Demi
C4: Havana
C5: Tortoise

Lens color clear