MonkeyFlip 25th Anniversary 〇頭 DR-どろ(doro)-


The base form is big size Wellington 

The large shape that seems to be MonkeyFlip is one of the designs that looks great even if you wear it regardless of gender. 

We also offer 4 variations with different surface treatment ranges, so you can choose the design that suits your taste. 



C.1 (normal)
C.1D (front lower processing) 
C.1U (front upper processing) 
C.1F (front full surface processing) 

[25th design] 
C.2 (normal) 
C.2D (front lower part processing) 
C.2U (front upper processing)
C. 2F (entire front processing) 

C.3 (normal)
C.3D (front lower part processing)
C.3U (front upper processing) 
C.3F (entire front processing) 

C.4 (normal) 
C.4D (front bottom processing) 
C.4U (front upper processing) 
C.4F (front full processing) 

C.5 (normal) 
C.5D (front lower processing) 
C.5U (front upper processing) 
C.5F (front full surface processing) 

Size: Lens 55mm, Bridge 20mm, Temple 150mm

Frame:  Length 48mm, Width 150mm 

* C.1F has a special surface treatment 

* For C.2 / C.5, the position of the print pattern differs depending on the individual. 

* C.4 has different temples and gradation finishes depending on the individual.