Banquo [TYBALT]


Banquo [TYBALT]

These are classic brow-type glasses, but the creative director has packed in the details that he experienced at SILMO2021 to create a design with a modern twist.

Regardless of whether it is for business or private occasions, we have arranged the timeless and popular designs in a TYBALT style.

Material: Acetate (Mazzucchelli)

Nose pad: Yes (β titanium)

Lens: Sunglasses lens & blue light cut lens

Country of origin: China


C1:BLACK x Blue light cut
C2:BLACK x Gray
C3: BLACK x Blue
C4 : BROWN DEMI x Blue light cut
C5 : BROWN DEMI x Green
C6 : BROWN DEMI x Pink

1) Lens width: 44 (mm)
2) Bridge width: 22 (mm)
3) Temple width: 150 (mm)
4: Lens height 36
5: Frame width (excluding temple part) 110
6: Overall width 135
7: Overall vertical width 42