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Trends from 2021 to 2022. Clear sunglasses / glasses frame I METRONOME

Trends from 2021 to 2022. Clear sunglasses / glasses frame I METRONOME

Hello, this is the official online shopping site of METRONOME DESIGN INC., Which sells "METRONOME®", a glasses / sunglasses brand that started in London. This is Yamada from METRONOME-Tokyo Online.

Today, I would like to talk about acetate materials, which are becoming popular both overseas and in Japan. As we have introduced in our blog, acetate is very popular because of its cost performance and freedom of design.

In the first place, what kind of acetate material is, generally has the following characteristics.

-A type of plastic made from plant fiber material, which is environmentally friendly. Also, since it is derived from plants, there are few allergies.
-High transparency and excellent color development. In addition, there is a high degree of freedom in the combination of colors and patterns. (Clear frames that are popular in our shop, etc.)
-It is light and strong, so it has good cost performance.

And so on.

Speaking of metronome and acetate material, we use the acetate material in the resonance series you know.

"Resonance," as the brand name suggests, is also the theme of resonance. It's a perfect material for "realizing a design that makes the taste of METRONOME a little" easy to resonate "and affordable so that it can easily resonate with anyone." Please use it with the metronome's proud glasses / sunglasses / accessory storage case.

Now then, I would like to introduce various items that bring out the characteristics of acetate material.

First of all, ARISTO [Resonance 2021]


(ARISTO C3 : Three-dimensional Red x Clear (Blue light cut))


Round silhouette type sunglasses with a simple silhouette. It is a very easy-to-use item that can be matched to any scene or TPO. Like the item in the photo, I feel that the transparent and clear frame will create the trend of the latter half of 2021 and 2022.

As you can see in this photo, C3: Three-dimensional Red x Clear (Blue light cut), it has a blue light cut function. It is an item that combines functionality while being fashionable glasses. The lightness and fit are also good.

Click here for details on ARISTO


And two items are "BLAST" which is a hot seller on this mail order site.

(C2 : Clear x Brown Demi x Green)
These sunglasses have a silhouette that inherits the metronome design, featuring a thick square type clip with a different frame and lens shape. The design has become popular overseas, and because it is made of clear fabric, which is beginning to become popular in Japan, the overall silhouette is light for its thickness.

As a flagship model of this season, it is also selling well on this mail order site. By attaching a clip, you can instantly change to sunglasses. A demo lens is mounted on the frame body, and a sunglasses lens is mounted on the clip part.

The lens can be changed due to the frame structure. If you want to change the lens, please bring the frame to a nearby authorized metronome, resonance agency, or eyeglass store.

Click here for details on BLAST

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