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Glasses / sunglasses with a perfect fit for hand-wound temples I Metronome design

Glasses / sunglasses with a perfect fit for hand-wound temples I Metronome design




This is Yamada from METRONOME-Tokyo Online, the official Japanese online shopping site of METRONOME DESIGN INC., Which sells "METRONOME®", a glasses / sunglasses brand that started in London.

From 2021 to 2022. No, it was so quick. There was a movement in the trend this year as well! Speaking of color, the clear system is growing, and the classic hand-wound rope is regaining attention.

By the way, today is the story of such a hand-wound rope. The shape of the temple (or cable temple), which is also called a winding vine, is rounded as shown in the photo so that it can be firmly attached to the ear.

If you wear glasses and start to worry about misalignment, you can't help but be distracted. You don't have to worry about it.

Is it a little pushed by the straight temple these days? It is said that it is a hand-wound rope, but this unique presence is also good for fashion.

When combined with the glass chain used to hang the glasses from the neck, it feels more classic and cool.

 This glass chain is designed by connecting large rings, leaving an impact on the viewer. As a fashion accessory, it will be a glass chain with a strong presence that is typical of METRONOME.

By the way, I'm sorry about the "Summer Rain" introduced earlier, but only the temple of "Nawate winding" is available.

Then, isn't there a similar design in the straight system? So let me introduce you to Trade ^^

Trad removes all the useless things (patterns and patterns) that the designer felt with the eyeglass frame, and the image of "the ultimate silhouette and functionality so that you can reach a plain T-shirt" is the eyeglass / sunglasses frame. It is a brand that has been thoroughly investigated. Launched at MIDO in 2021



As you can see, it is a hand-wound rope. Trad has a conservative design and is conscious of the Japanese market. And there are two types of frame types in our Trad series flip-up lens items. (Straight type and hand-wound rope type)

First of all, please see this image. First straight (item is Lily [Trad 2021])




Continue to cable (item is Gentian [Trad 2021])

As you can see, the hand-wound rope has a rounded part that touches the ear. As a result, it is a specification that does not easily shift for those who usually move a lot at work or in private.

At the time of purchase, you can choose the temple straight or hand-wound with a rope.

Click here for a list of Trad series glasses

Click here for the first Summer Rain introduced


Please consider it!

Click here for the metronome Instagram ↓

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