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Glasses / sunglasses with fashionable and fossilized surface treatment

Glasses / sunglasses with fashionable and fossilized surface treatment



Hello, this is OKD from METRONOME-Tokyo Online, the official online shopping site of METRONOME DESIGN INC., Which sells "METRONOME®", a glasses / sunglasses brand that started in London.

Metronome introduces many glasses / sunglasses designed by representatives and designers. In addition, as a collaboration, we also sell products from other brands.



  1. Introduction

  2. Special technique "fossil processing" born in Sabae, a sacred place for eyeglasses

  3. Fossil processed products introduced in this shop (others)

  4. In conclusion

1. Introduction

Overseas and even in Japan, glasses / sunglasses with unique designs are evaluated as "fashionable", "unique", and "good design that can only be bought here".

The design also varies depending on the color, shape, and processing method called surface processing.


2. Special technique "fossil processing" born in Sabae, a sacred place for eyeglasses

Fossil processing is a processing technology that boldly creates crater-like irregularities on the surface. It is a very time-consuming technology, and only a handful of products are used in this shop.


Distortion melancholia [METRONOME] C1:FOSSIL BLACK)


It is easier to understand if you try to upload it, but the surface is uneven. Since each piece is carved out one by one, there is a rarity that the exact same shape does not exist. It is one of the first items ordered by overseas buyers even when they are exhibited at overseas exhibitions. The fossil processing itself is a technology born in Sabae, Japan, which is known as a sacred place for eyeglasses, and I think it is rare.


Distortion melancholia [METRONOME] )


The shape itself has a classic feel, but by applying surface treatment like this, it looks completely different. The cost is higher because it is difficult to process, but we are proud of the finish! In fact, when you look closely at METRONOME products, there are some very elaborate frames, so please take a look at them.

Click here for details on the photo Distortion melancholia [METRONOME]


3. Fossil processed products introduced in this shop (others)

Other than the Distortion melancholia [METRONOME] introduced earlier, for example, here Adjustment disorder --Designer`s edition [METRONOME] also uses fossil processing.



Adjustment disorder - Designer`s edition [METRONOME] ) 


こChira is a Boston-shaped shape with surface treatment. As you can see in the photo, "Designer's Edition", the usual Adjustment disorder is further "fossilized with deep carving". (* The regular version of Adjustment disorder also contains fossil processing, but it is deeply carved.)

(This also has the METRONOME logo)

The front is 10mm thick, so there is no nose pad, but the area where the nose hits is smoothed and polished by 0.2mm to 0.5mm for a comfortable fit.

Adjustment disorder --Click here for details on Designer`s edition [METRONOME]

(* Designer's lens is equipped with a "light control lens" in all lenses. It changes to glasses indoors and sunglasses lenses outdoors according to the amount of ultraviolet rays.)


4. In conclusion

What did you think? In addition to the ones introduced here, there are fossil processing frames such as Lefty in the Right --Designer`s edition [METRONOME], so please check them out. (I will add this blog as needed)

Isn't the metronome expensive? Actually, it is said, but I hope that you can feel the design and the technology that was particular about getting there by taking pictures.

Fossil processed products are so popular that we already have several in stock, so don't miss this opportunity!

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