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[2022 Trend] Let’s get rid off the rainy season!

[2022 Trend]  Let’s get rid off the rainy season!

Hello, my name is Oyake and I am in charge of Public Relations here at Metronome
that was started in London. Here we produce eyewear/sunglasses.

Through this Blog, we plan to display our brand along with our designs of different
From the start in London, Metronome is the first brand where design and materials
were focused on. These designs are not only well regarded in Japan, but abroad as
We have displayed our eyewear abroad in exhibitions including Paris, Milano, and Mu-
Also, from this website you can purchase our eyewear and we can ship to all countries.
We also have stores that carry our eyewear in various locations.
Please check out are glasses in various locations.

Today’s Theme

Recently, the rainy season has come.
So, we will show you our products for the season.

Why We Stand Out

Even in the rain they don’t get dirty, and they have a nice dark color. However, even though they have
a dark color, they light as well. Let us try wearing glasses during these times!

Sunglasses that do no fog

During rainy days, aren’t there times that your sunglasses fog?
Isn’t it irritating when your sunglasses fog up.
You don’t have to worry about that with these sunglasses.

Feeling of the Season

Sunglasses are one from of fashion. If it is summer, If it is winter it is winter, however, from the inside
you can have a good time. Definitely find the glasses you like.


Please see our recommendations below for the rainy season:


Summer Rain [METRONOME]

Summer always has a bright day, even when it gets rainy outside. These glasses will give you a bright
feeling even in those rainy days.

Tears [Resonance]

In Japanese Tears is . The design is exactly like tears so it is just the way it looks. These glasses do
not have lenses so you don’t have to worry about them fogging up.

八雲 [MonkeyFlip]

八雲(Yakumo) means when a lot of clouds gather together in Japanese. This displays the beauty of theweather here.


 I hope you find glasses for the season

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